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Human Resources

As Human Resources, we support participation, teamwork, entrepreneurship and creativity.


Our Recruitment Processes

We strongly believe in that people who are always happy being a part of our team, have high aspiration for success, sensitive to community and environment foster and develop us, and honest individuals, as well as innovative, productive and high quality work are what make an organization successful. For this, we use Competence-Based Interviews and recruitment tools. We look forward everyone who want to be a strong part of our team, have fun while working, and most importantly join us while we are striving for pioneering brand of our industry, just fill in and submit the following form.

Work Experience at ChefBorek

Our principles are simple; have a fun while working and uphold the values of ChefBörek. We created events chain to bolster our motivation. We offer promotion and career opportunities for every each position. In addition, we provide fringe benefits according to the levels of the positions.

Orientation Process

After the legal recruitment procedures and Human Resources Orientation Training, our new colleague undergoes Restaurant Training irrespective of his/her role. Training continues depending on the need of the personnel in line with the professional field and levels of the role. Our goal is to ensure full immersion into dynamics of our company as well as the job requirements.


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