Personel Data Information Text


This information text is prepared by Chef Börek Unlu Mamülleri ve Gıda Sanayi Anonim Şirketi (“Company”) acting as a Data Controller pursuant to Article 10 of Personal Data Protection Law No 6698 and provisions of other applicable legislation.

Your personal data which make you identified or identifiable as obtained during your relationship with our Company within the scope of activities of our Company shall be processed by us in accordance with the provisions of legislation as well as following principles.



Your personal data will be collected by our personnel at the head office and branches operated by our Company physically via written, oral, visual recordings and CCTV digital footage, and partially or fully automatic means, or non-automatic means, provided that it is being a part of data recording system, as written, oral, audiovisual or video recordings via channels you used to contact with us, including call-center, phone, fax, e-mail, website (via online membership application and shopping form, e-mail communication forms as well as cookies and similar technologies), social media and instant messaging tools.

In this respect, your personal data processed by our Company include your name surname, ID number, and identity information including date of birth, contact details such as address, e-mail address, phone and fax number, as collected during your website subscription process, and, for vendors, license plate, natural person business title, current account details, tax office and number, bank account and IBAN number, bank-credit card details, check-note details, delivery note, invoice and slip contents, signature, call center voice recording, CCTV video footage recordings during access to and staying at our workplaces, as well as password details created during subscription to website, and website IP and cookie details.

This also includes the personal data of the persons giving consents, and data contained in the original or copy of the documents containing personal data, as well as personal data relating to the receipt and evaluation of any kind of demand or complaints submitted to our Company.

Your personal data collected for the subscription to the website and other digital platforms of our Company, as well as for the delivery of the marketing and electronic messages to you are collected on the basis of your explicit informed consent letter as provided for in Article 5/1 of Personal Data Protection Law. Your data relating to the CCTV video footages recorded during your entrance to and stay in the our workplaces are processed for mandatory reasons for legitimate interests of our Company as defined in Article 5/2-f of Personal Data Protection Law.

Your other personal data are processed by on the legal grounds as provided below and defined in the Article 5/2 of Personal Data Protection Law. In this respect, your personal data are collected and processed on the legitimate grounds such as;

it is necessary for processing your personal data as the other party of business agreement between you and our Company provided that they are directly related to establishment or performance of such agreement,

it is clearly prescribed in the laws, or it is necessary for our Company to fulfill its legal obligations,

data processing is mandatory for the establishment, exercise or protection of any right of our company,

It is mandatory for the legitimate interests of our company, provided that this shall not violate your fundamental rights and freedoms of.



Your personal data collected as described above will be processed by our Company in connection with the purpose of business relation you established with our Company for the performance of the agreement; planning and following up the business processes of the business partners, branches or vendors; good and service sales and purchasing and marketing activities; after sales and support services; customer-membership records and relations and risk management; maintaining information and physical space security; fulfillment of the legal procedures and legal obligations; improvement of customer satisfaction; enabling our Company to provide business services under the best conditions; identification of the personal interests, needs and usage in order to provide goods and services customized to you; improvement of quality standards; conducting marketing research, marketing, digital marketing, re-marketing processes; delivery of e-mail, instant message, voice-calls, general or tailored to you for advertising, promotion, offers and satisfaction surveys; exercising our legal action and defense rights, as well as follow up claims and complaints.

Your personal data collected by our company is processed in accordance with the general principles defined in Article 4 of Personal Data Protection Law. In this context, your personal data are processed in accordance with following rules;

  1. Lawfulness and fairness,
  2. Accuracy and, when necessary, being up-to-date,
  3. Processing for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes,
  4. Relevant, limited and proportionate to the purposes for which they are processed,
  5. Retention for the duration prescribed by the applicable legislation or the purpose for which they are processed:

You can find further details about the principles of processing of personal data you shared with our company in the “Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy” of our Company.



The nature of the processing by our Company of your personal data collected as defined above is limited to the recording, storage, retention, backup, changing, revision/updating, disclosure, taking delivery, making retrievable, classification or prevention of the use of our relevant department, either physically or electronically, and transfer of the same to third parties with which we have a business relationship within the scope defined below.

Our Company stores and retains the personal data it has processed in secrecy, pursuant to Article 12 of Personal Data Protection Law, accurately and up-to-date manner in physical environment, database and systems by taking all technical and organizational measures under the information security standards using the technological methods in line with the provisions of applicable legislation. Again, necessary measures required for the security of the personal data provided by members via our website at www.chefbörek.com.tr are taken in our systems and Internet infrastructure. And membership, information updates and product/service purchases as entered in our website are also kept confidential and cannot be viewed by other Internet users.

Our Company destroys said personal data as stored by our company via erasure, destruction or anonymization automatically or at the request of the relevant data subject when the reasons requiring processing of said personal data cease to exist, or upon the expiration of the destruction period as defined in the Policy of our Company on these matters, pursuant to provisions of applicable legislation and our “Personal Data Storage and Destruction Policy” text.



Your personal data collected by our Company may be transferred, locally or overseas, to our shareholders, our internal audit unit and related departments, our group companies, branches, resellers, business partners, vendors, service providers, their authorities or personnel, related bank branches and financial institutions, your accountant or accounting department, legally authorized entities and institutions as well as private law legal persons for the purposes of planning and application of the commercial and business strategies and processes, institution and performance of our agreements, execution of the payment and accounting activities, as only required for carrying out our commercial activities, when necessary and in accordance with the all legislative regulations, under the conditions and purposes of personal data transfer as defined in Articles 8 and 9 of Personal Data Protection Law and other applicable legislation.

Also, in this context, in line with the Decision (2019/157, 31.05.2019) of Personal Data Protection Board, it is considered that your personal data may have been transferred overseas when foreign mail servers and similar systems are used during the data transmission.



Under Article 11 of Personal Data Protection Law, you have following rights with regard to your personal data:

  1. learn whether your personal data is processed or not,
  2. if your personal data has been processed, to request relevant information,
  3. get information about the purpose of processing of your personal data, whether they are used in line with intended purpose,
  4. get information about third parties, foreign or local, to which your personal data is transferred,
  5. request correction in case of missing or inaccurate processing,
  6. request to have your data, which are lawfully processed, be deleted when the reasons which require such processing cease to exist in accordance with Article 7 of Personal Data Protection Law,
  7. request third parties to which personal data has been transferred be notified about the actions taken pursuant to items (d) and (e),
  8. object against occurrence of any results that are against your interests after your data processed are analyzed via exclusive automatic systems,
  9. claim compensation for damages incurred by you as a result of illegal processing of your personal data,
  10. withdraw the explicit consent on the processing of your personal data, and delivery of the electronic marketing messages to you at any time without showing any reason.



You can submit your demands relating to the aforementioned rights under Personal Data Protection Law, to our COMPANY at the aforementioned address in writing, personally or in line with legislation (for instance via a notary) provided that your identity details are verified.