User Agreement


Please read following terms and conditions before using this website (in short, “WEBSITE”). Natural or legal persons who benefited from the services offered in this website or access this WEBSITE via any methods are deemed to have agreed the following terms of use.



Services in this WEBSITE are provided by Chef Börek Unlu Mamülleri ve Gıda Sanayi Anonim Şirketi (hereinafter, referred as “ChefBörek”) and legal owner of WEBSITE is ChefBörek, and ChefBörek is authorized to carry out any kind of activities in relation with the WEBSITE.

ChefBörek may change this terms of use at any time, however these changes will be published in the WEBSITE and become effective on the same date.

Every natural and legal person who benefited from WEBSITE services and accessed the WEBSITE are deemed to have agreed any changes made by ChefBörek to this terms of use.

ChefBörek reserves to right to change information, forms and contents, existing or future, in this WEBSITE at any time.



WEBSITE: The website accessible online where the various services and contents are provided within the frame defined by ChefBörek.

MEMBER: Every each natural or legal person who wants to benefit from ChefBörek by making a product purchase, and completed the membership form, which is then approved by ChefBörek. In this terms and conditions, they will be referred as “MEMBER”. Persons older than 18 years old may become a member by completing the membership form provided in the WEBSITE with their real identity information in full. Legal authorized persons, older than 18 years old, of the companies (individual and partners), Collective Companies, Ordinary Commandite Companies, Commandite Companies with Share Capital, Limited Companies, Incorporated Companies, Cooperatives and other entities can become a MEMBER by completing the membership form with their legal information in full, and can do activities on behalf of their organizations. “Member name” is exclusive to a member, and the same “Member name” cannot be issued to two different MEMBERs.

USER: Person who visited the ChefBörek website with or without shopping.

LINK: Link which enable from WEBSITE access to another website, files, contents, or from another website to WEBSITE, files and contents.

CONTENT: Visual, textual and audible material, information, file, picture, program, figure, price etc. published or accessible on WEBSITE and/or any website.

TERMS OF USE AND MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT: This Agreement entered into electronically between Chefbörek and real and/legal persons who will benefit from the services, of business or personal nature, offered via the WEBSITE.

PERSONAL DATA: Identity, address, electronic mail address, phone number of a Member and IP address, domain type, browser type, date and time of visit as well as WEBSITE section visited by a Member.



The services to be provided by Chefbörek via the Website generally consists of electronic commerce as defined in the Consumer Law legislation.

The services to be provided by ChefBörek via the WEBSITE is the delivery, without defect, of the products offered for sales in the www.chefbörek.com to the member via cargo services on behalf of ChefBörek, within the guaranteed time, subject to the payment of relevant price by Member if said product is available in the stocks of vendor, namely if it is possible to fulfill the duty of delivery of the goods.

ChefBörek is absolutely free to define the scope and nature of the services to be provided in the WEBSITE and amendments to the services shall be deemed to have become effective once published in the WEBSITE.

For users to benefit from the services made available in WEBSITE, they must meet the criteria to be determined by ChefBörek and published in the relevant section of the WEBSITE. ChefBörek is absolutely free to define the scope and nature of these criteria and amendments to these criteria shall be deemed to have become effective once published in the WEBSITE.


WEBSITE can contain links to the websites and/or other contents owned and operated by third parties, not under control of ChefBörek. These links are provided to USERS and MEMBERS for convenience purposes and does not mean a support to any website or operator of that website. It does not serve a statement or guarantee for the contents of website for which a link is provided. Chefbörek has no responsibilities for the websites and their contents reached via the links contained in the WEBSITE, and USERs and MEMBER will use these website under their own responsibility and risk. Chefbörek may require its own written consent for accessing websites for which a link is provided, as well as remove the links that ChefBörek deems unsuitable.

ChefBörek continuously checks the accuracy and up-to-dateness of the information available in the WEBSITE. Despite of the efforts, information available, WEBSITE may not catch up with the actual changes. Materials and information are made available in the WEBSITE once they become accessible, and there may be differences between actual status vs. published status of relevant service and information. ChefBörek does not provide any explicit or implied guarantee for up-to-dateness, accuracy, conditions, quality, performance, marketability, fitness for a specific purpose and completeness of the information available in the website and their effects on, including but not limited to, other information, service or products either related or unrelated the information available in the website.

USER and MEMBER agrees that downloadable or shareable file, information and documents available in the WEBSITE may not be free of virus, worms, trojan horses, dialer programs, spam and spyware or any other malicious scripts or materials and WEBSITE does not give guarantee in these respects. USER and MEMBER is responsible for having, maintaining and updating all software and hardware necessary for preventing such malicious programs, scripts or materials, as well as for ensuring accuracy of the data input and outputs or recovery of any lost data. ChefBörek disclaims all damages that may be incurred by USER and MEMBER or third parties due to the data inaccuracies or loss that may be caused by such malicious programs, scripts or materials. ChefBörek disclaims all damages that may be incurred by USER and MEMBER or third parties due to the data inaccuracies or loss that may be caused by such malicious programs, scripts or materials.

ChefBörek reserves the right to change any kind of service, product, campaign, etc. information available in this website and website extensions and terms of use as well as re-organize and cease, and/or suspend to publish WEBSITE and its contents without prior notice. Changes become effective when they are published in the WEBSITE. Using or entering this website means that these changes are also agreed. These conditions apply to the other websites of which links are provided. ChefBörek does not assume any responsibility for disruption in the action, error, ignorance, outage, deletion, loss, delay in action or communication, computer virus, communication error, theft, destruction and intrusion into, modification or use of the records, due to agreement infringement, tort, negligence or other reasons.

ChefBörek, organizations she collaborates with, ChefBörek personnel and managers, and authorized sellers of ChefBörek has no responsibility for the services provided, and contents published by third parties within the WEBSITE. Guarantee on the accuracy and lawfulness of information, contents, audiovisual items provided or published by any third party is entirely under responsibility of third persons who performed such actions. ChefBörek does not guarantee and warrant the accuracy, security and lawfulness of the services and contents provided by third parties.

Users of the WEBSITE can only use WEBSITE for legitimate and personal purposes. MEMBERS and USERS are responsible for any legal or criminal liability in their own acts and actions within the Website. Every USER and MEMBER undertakes that they will not do any act or action that may breach the rights of ChefBörek and/or any other third parties. ChefBörek does not have any direct or indirect responsibility for damages that can be incurred by USERs and MEMBERs due to their activities on the WEBSITE.

This WEBSITE is a property of ChefBörek. Information, texts, pictures, brands, slogans and other marking as well as programs for protection of the information relating to the other industrial and intellectual property rights, page layout and presentation of the WEBSITE are a property of ChefBörek, or companies from which ChefBörek acquired permission and license to use. It is prohibited to, as a whole or in part, reproduce, change, distribute, transfer, and sell online or via other media information available in this WEBSITE, any kind of database, website, software, code, html code and other codes of pages of the WEBSITE as well as the products, designs, pictures, texts, audiovisual images, video clips, files, catalogues and lists contained in this WEBSITE. USER and MEMBER agrees and undertakes to not reproduce, copy, distribute, process WEBSITE software, hardware and contents, including without limitation aforementioned ones, and do not compete ChefBörek directly or indirectly via these actions or such other ways. USER and MEMBER has not right to resell, process, share, distribute, exhibit, display ChefBörek services, ChefBörek information and copyright-protected works of ChefBörek, or allow others access or use services of ChefBörek. Partial reproduction, printing,processing, distribution, copying, displaying of information contained in this WEBSITE is possible only for non-commercial personal purposes and with written permission of ChefBörek.

ChefBörek may use the information provided to him by USERs and MEMBERs in line with the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use”. ChefBörek may process, classify and store these in or via a database. Also, ChefBörek may use identity, address, e-mail address, phone number of USER and MEMBER, IP address, website sections visited, domain type, browser type, visit date, time, etc. information for statistical purposes, delivering campaign advertisements, and providing personalized services. Personal data of USERs and MEMBERs may not be disclosed to natural and legal persons other than the conditions listed below, and if such disclosure is required by competent public authorities. Personal data may rarely be disclosed to third parties acting for and on behalf of ChefBörek, or those related with the business of ChefBörek in order to accomplish intended purposes better, or to provide better service for the purposes as suggested by USERs and MEMBERs.

Unless explicitly authorized by ChefBörek in this WEBSITE Terms of Use, ChefBörek reserves rights available to her in connection with the ChefBörek services, ChefBörek information, ChefBörek copyright-protected works, ChefBörek trademarks, ChefBörek trade dress or other assets and information made available via this WEBSITE.



ChefBörek disclaims any responsibility for any direct or indirect damage that may arise due to the violation of the agreement, tort or other reasons, due to navigation in this WEBSITE and use of information and other data in this WEBSITE. ChefBörek disclaims any responsibility for disruption in the activity, error, negligence, outage as a result of violation of agreement, tort, negligence or other reasons. Upon entering in this WEBSITE or linked other websites or use of the WEBSITE, it is hereby acknowledged that ChefBörek is held free against any kind of responsibility, damage and loss claims including court and other expenses that may arise due to use/visiting.



ChefBörek may transfer this agreement, as a whole or in part, at any time, without notification. However USER and MEMBER may not transfer this Agreement or any part of it to another party. Such transfer attempt is herein rendered invalid.



In the events deemed as a force majeure by laws, ChefBörek shall not be held liable for any late or failure to perform any of their obligations under this TERMS OF USE. However, in this case, such situation shall not be treated as delay, non-performance or default in terms of ChefBörek, and ChefBörek shall not have any obligation to pay compensation in such cases.



Disputes arising from TERMS OF USE AND MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT shall be governed by the Turkish Law and submitted to the jurisdiction to the Istanbul Central Courts and Enforcement Offices. ChefBörek reserves the right to file a lawsuit in the country where MEMBER resides in.



This “TERMS OF USE AND MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT” shall become effective when it is published by ChefBörek in the WEBSITE. USERS and MEMBERS shall be deemed to have agreed the provisions of this Agreement when they have used the WEBSITE. ChefBörek may amend the provisions of this Agreement at any time. Amendments shall be published on the WEBSITE, along with the version number and amendment date, which becomes effective on the same date.