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Why ChefBorek?

Börek Shop With The Most Varied Menu in Turkey


Because we know very well the börek that börek lovers always look for.

Stretchy Börek

Our journey rests upon a long-standing delight research. We walked city by city, street by street. We worked, tested-tried for many years and finally find the best of the börek! Everyone calls it Adana Börek, we call it ``Stretchy Börek``. We roll 18-ply baklava dough thin and brim it with 3 different local cheese varieties of the highest quality.

Borek Universe in ChefBorek

Bosnian Börek, just like your Mother did, as well as Kol Börek and Su Börek for classic lovers, have taken their places in our menu. We also caused a stir in the börek universe thanks to new recipes we developed in the course of time. We first introduced honey and peanut to Stretchy Börek, followed by chocolate and finally white chocolate! We are proud of offering you the sweetest forms of Stretchy Börek.

Sauced and Unusual Delights

This unusual recipe discovery started by Stretchy Börek continues with yoghurt and buttery sauce we served with Bosnian Börek and cheddar sauce.

The Most Beautiful Form of


With the varieties of the börek, Chefbörek enjoys the richest menu in Turkey. With Bosnian Börek, Bosnian Ravioli and deserts, besides the stretchy börek, as well as coffee varieties, tea varieties, fresh drinks, we are swimming through uncharted seas, and launching the ``The Börek Shop With The Most Varied Menu in Turkey`` concept.

Winning Opportunities

At ChefBörek, we embrace the business model of the brands in the ``Global Brands`` category. We offer sustainable cash return thanks to our low opening costs and constantly-growing market. We continue offering our resellers high quality and affordable prices via our production, logistics and procurement units.

The Best Borek of Turkey

The Borek Shop of Turkey! Enjoying Turkey's richest börek menu, ChefBörek welcomes you with smell of freshly-baked börek every morning. We are excited to host you at our shops from 7:00 in the morning to 10:00 in the evening every week day.

100% Winning Opportunity

ChefBörek system centers upon the win-win strategy. Namely, we believe that the higher the profitability of our resellers is, the faster our brand will grow. By minimizing production and sales costs, we guarantee our reseller to earn %100 profit from all products they purchase from our factory.

The Best Systems

With restaurant follow-up system and shift management, we prepare sales and order reports, and conduct analyses on which products best sell during which hours, ensuring the best and on-spot marketing strategy.

Professional Training Support

Our prospective franchisees first undergo a training program to develop and foster their skills as well as technical competence. In this process, they learn our business approach, branch operations, standards as well as management culture.

Digital Face of Industry

ChefBörek constantly invests in innovation. We use the latest technologies from production to delivery, logistics to supply. This enables us work in the most productive and profitable manner.

İhtiyar Gurme (Milliyet Favori Lezzetler)

This makes Adana Börek even taste better. They thin gruyere cheese with cream, an incredible explosion of flavor!

Sevimli Gurme (Influencer)

Seeing Bosnian Ravioli next to the stretchy böreks also made me very happy. I love it very much and the combination of yoghurt, chili flakes and butter on it, Thank you Chef Börek

Sertaç Virancık (Hürriyet)

Factory is simply excellent. Personnel is well-groomed and disciplined. Grounds, tables, every detail is spotless. The strictest hygiene rules are applied. You can enjoy your börek, baklava with a peace of mind.